seasoned wolfs shed tears on winter's eve.

2010-11-24 @ 22:42:49
To be honest, I have no idea why I am being so cryptic at the moment. Or maybe, yeah, I think I know why and that in combination with an urge to blog is never a good idea. I also find it easier and more worthwile to write stuff in English. It's like the part in my brain where my English vocabulary is has grown bigger and bigger over the years and decided to make itself the most natural language for me. Of course Swedish is and will always be my primary language but using English instead of Swedish feels like... I don't know, switching between metal and soundtracks. Listening to scores make me feel a little more educated and I thoroughly enjoy doing it, but in the end metal will always be my roots.

It finally feels like we're getting somewhere. The riffs on the first part of the verse are practically done. The only things missing are the strings and bass. We now also have our vocalist. Some lyrics are laid out but not yet entirely finished. We have a great concept that we've been working on (as we are planning to make several more songs, of course.) I'd say that collectively our main sources for inspiration are Fear Factory, Sybreed, Nevermore, Dream Theater, some Opeth and film scores in general. This is going to be epic.

So next week we're going to film the music and dance third graders project "Hitta Joppe". Feels good. We just need to plan everything and then I think we'll be just fine. I'll handle the switching between cameras-system (trekamerasystemet) for the second time in a row (after this years VAFF.) Just one show though; as we'll be shooting two of them someone else will do the other one.

Actually, I started this post with a rather confessionate poem. And then I deleted it. In any case it felt good that I at least had written it. Sort of like scribbling down things on a piece of paper then burning it. It's like the thoughts aren't only in your head now.


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