I will treat you well, my sweet angel, so help me Jesus.

2010-04-03 @ 00:26:58
I just want to tell those who actually read my blog that the reason as to why some of these later posts have been rather moody, is that my love problems has chosen to appear and mock me. At the moment I'm not really sure if there really is any sense of doing anything else than sleeping, because that is the only time I can take mind off of things. I'll probably pick up from this new low sometime soon, but right now I feel that life has been playing me false all along. Tomorrow I will most likely contemplate as to why I posted this. Because whether my future self will like it or not, suddenly a new part of me has been exposed. Not the happy, stupid, sarcastic and mildly disobediant character that most of you know. This is me being as earnest and heartfelt as I can be. I am writing this message in English because I find it less difficult to find the right words.

So far all of you who care for me, know that I will always care for you. Most likely you know who you are. And to my love, know that I always cherish your presence even though it breaks me afterwards in contemplation. Trust me, if I could change my heart, I would.


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En fråga; Är detta kanske en flicka vid namnet som börjar på E vi pratar om?

2010-04-03 @ 23:37:19

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